Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cheer Up - It's Christmas (Nearly!)

Here's a workout to de-stress you after a Saturday full of shopping, or eating, or shopping and eating :)

Warm Up
50 skips; 10 Push Ups; 10 Squats; 10 Full Sit Ups (x5)

Set #1 (50sec Work/10sec Rest)
Single Leg Squat (Right) - crossover foot above opposite knee
High Plank with Alternating Knee to Elbow
Single Leg Squat (Left)
Hug Release (start in V-Sit (hug) - extend legs and lean back (release)

50 skips

Set #2 (50sec Work/10sec Rest)
Plyometric Lunges - jump straight up and switch the legs

Push Ups

Laces Crunch

Front Plank (hold)

100 skips

Set #3 (50sec Work/10sec Rest)
Alligator Push Up (start in high plank - lower one elbow than the other into a plank position, and back up)
Wall Sit
Single Leg Deadlift (Right) - balance on one foot - reach for the ground with both hands (hinge from hips), and come back up into a slight back bend - keep abdominals engaged
Single Leg Deadlift (Left)

200 skips

Set #4 (50sec Work/10sec Rest)
Full Sit Ups

Bridge with Marching Toe Taps
Bicycle Crunch


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Tough It Out!

Let's do it.....finally!

*Warm-Up Option - 100 skips on the minute for 5 minutes

Set A Timer for 5 Minutes (you can use a stove timer) - these groups of exercises are all done as many times as you can in 5 minutes.
Group #1
Push Ups x5
Reverse Lunge with Kick (R) x10
Push Up x5
Reverse Lunge with Kick (L) x10

Group #2

High Plank with Opposite Hand to Foot Touch x10
Barbell Bent Over Row x10
Triceps Push Up x10
Lateral Raises x10

Group #3
Barbell Squats x10
Bodyweight Plyometric Lunges or Alternate Lunges x10
Barbell Squats x10
Bodyweight Plyometric Side Lunges or Alternate Side Lunges x10

Group #4

Barball Biceps Curls x10
High Plank - Alternating Knee to Elbow x10

Group #5

Laces Crunch x10
Full Sit Up x10
Side Plank with Leg Raise (L) x10
Side Plank with Leg raise (R) x10

Cooldown & Stretch

Monday, 17 October 2011

Next Shopping Dates For Funky Fit!

Hey Guys,

I know it has been awhile since I last posted something....and I have no good excuses either! I was in between seasons for clothing...and.....

Funky Fit will be at a Kazam Event on Saturday November 5th from 10am to 4pm at the Sandman Signature (10011 Ellerslie Road - east of Calgary Trail).

Other Vendors include:
The Charm Farm
Gold Canyon
Simply You
Discovery Toys
Funky Fit, of course

Come shop for yourself, or start your Christmas shopping! I will be posting a workout in a day or so, I promise.
Breanne :)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Finally A Workout!

Sorry it has been awhile for a new workout.....I really have no excuse.  So, here it is! 30 minutes and your done.

10 minute Upright Bike

Set Timer for 10 minutes.

50 skips
10 Push Ups
10 Squats
10 Pull Ups (used a set of Lebert Equalizers, but you could do any pull up version)

10 Plyometric Lunges
~ As many rounds as you can in 10 minutes - keep cycling through the skips, push ups, squats, pull ups and lunges (I got through 6 rounds - what about you?)

10 minutes of Rowing

Breanne :)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Across The Lake Swim ~ Kelowna & Summer Times

Hey Ya'll,

I hope summer is treating you well. For a long weekend with a not so hopefully forecast, it turned out pretty good here in the City of Champions.

I was in Kelowna a week and a bit ago to visit my dad and participate in the Across The Lake Swim ( ~ 2km Open Water Event.  What a great event!
Here are a few pictures from my swim in Lake Okanagan.

Pre-Race (getting motivated to put on my wetsuit)
In City Park, Kelowna

All 500+ swimmers pile onto a handful of houseboats to get to the start line.
In West Kelowna.

Back at City Park in 32:06 ~ can't wait to do it next year!

Race Towel - Check out the year ~ they have been doing this event for a lot of years!

I have been busy at the Summerside Farmer's Markets on Monday nights (selling fitness clothing), playing Ultimate Frisbee on Tuesday nights (when it isn't raining), teaching an Outdoor Boot Camp at Lake Summerside on Thursday nights (moving indoors when it is miserable outside whether it is mosquitoes, rain, hail, etc).  Weekends are weekends ~ time to hang out at the lake, with friends and family and enjoy the weather because it isn't winter yet.

Happy Training ~ don't forget about training, even if they are shorter workouts - try bringing your workout outdoors (add a hill to bike ride or add some lunges during your run)
Breanne :)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

New Piece of Equipment!

Hey Funky Fitters!

This weekend was rainy, so I went shopping :)  Shopping for a new piece of equipment that is versatile and very functional.

Alpha Strong (Sand Bag) ~ Train. Hard.

Sand Bag Training is great.  The bag weight can be changed quickly.  There are numerous handles. 
Very Functional.  It definitely fits into the Funky Fit motto of....funky yet functional.

I also took some time to take photos of some exercises that I have used in past workouts as well.  Look forward to those being added to my blog and website in the near future.  I can't wait to include my first sand bag work.

I am also heading to Kelowna this week for a little vacation (visit my dad!), plus I have race on Saturday called the Across The Lake Swim (, which involves a 2.1km swim that goes from West Kelowna to City Park.  This is my first open water swim event and I am really excited.  I hope to have some pictures up afterwards.

Thanks for reading.
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

Monday, 27 June 2011

Core Blaster!

A little core workout.  Please warm up for about 5-minutes prior to this workout, whether it is skipping, or jumping jacks and high knees, or even jogging on the spot.

3 sets of:
10 Laces Crunch

20 High Plank with Alternating Knee to Elbow

30 Bicycle Crunch

40 Scissor (slow & controlled)

30 Ankle Crunch

20 Front Plank with Alternating Toe Taps

10 Full Sit Ups

~ 1-minute Rest

Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow~

PS - Photos coming soon!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Summerside, Here I Come!

Funky Fit will be apart of the Summerside Farmer's Market this summer, starting on Monday June 13th, 2011 from 4-9pm. 

Funky Fit will be On Location on these dates from 4-9pm:
June 13th
June 20th
June 27th

July 4th
July 11th
July 25th

August 8th
August 15th
August 22nd
August 29th

September 12th

I will also be instructing a Boot Camp style class from Summerside Beach Club on Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:30pm for the months of July & August.  For more information, check out, under Summerside Beach Club - Programs or email me at

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Here's Another Workout!

It's the weekend! I had a great workout with my TGIF Surprise class yesterday! Man, am I sore.  But the soreness could be a combined soreness from my first swim of the season on Wednesday, moving fitness equipment and cleaning at my brother's house on Thursday, and TGIF Surprise workout on Friday.  Sometimes I don't think class participants realize much they are motivating me in a class - thanks for keeping me going :)

Here is another great workout that can be done with little to no equipment.  All you need is a skipping rope.

200 Skips (50 Right Foot; 50 Left Foot; 50 Right Foot; 50 Left Foot)

5 Rounds of:5 Jump Squats
Plank from Hands with 10 Foot Claps (similar to a clap push up, but intead of clapping hands - you clap your feet together)

200 Skips (as you like)

5 Rounds of:
(High Knees (10) - Chest to Floor) x3
20 Duck Squat with Knee Drives

200 Skips (as you like)

Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


The sun is shining, isn't it great? I hope everyone had a great Easter, and didn't eat too much of all of the good stuff.
I haven't forgot about my blog.  I actually have a couple of workouts to put up.  And I will do that in the next week or so.  You will be able to complete the workouts with little to no equipment so you will be able to take them outside as it gets nicer out.
I am hoping to be able to get outside to take some pictures for my exercise photo album, so that you can refer to, to help understand some of the names and descriptions of exercises.
Also, I am interested to know what kind of portable fitness equipment, you would be interested in? I am looking at carrying a few key pieces like stability balls, travel rollers (small version of the foam rolller), The Stick (, and resistance tubing.  If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.
Talk soon. Get outside and enjoy it!
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Just a little bit of a setback!

Hello Folks,

I know I mentioned the word "spring" in my last post and now look at it outside.  But I am thinking positive and hoping the new snow will be gone by Monday!  I am eager to get spring on its way since there is so much to do - swimming in the lake; ultimate frisbee; and just plain getting out and enjoying the weather.  Plus, I am eager to get some nice exercise photos on my blog for you.

But here is a little ditty to get you through the rough weather patch.  All you need is a bench/step that is sturdy; a height that you can safely jump on to; and a width that you can straddle comfortably.

We are going to do 30sec Intervals unless otherwise stated.  Remember to warm-up before starting this workout - skipping, a handful of jumping jacks, something to get the muscles and joints ready and warm!

Set #1
1. Straddle Jump (straddle step - two foot jump onto step)
2. Plank to Straddle (on one end of the step - straddle one hand at a time off the step)
3. Jumping Jack
4. Plank Jump (on one end of step - jump feet in and out of plank)

1-min Core Interval - Laces Crunch

Set #2
1. Step Up + Knee Drive (R)
2. High Knees (10), Chest to Floor
3. Step Up + Knee Drive (L)
4. Mountain Climber with Hands on Step

1-min Core Interval - Bicycle Crunch

Set #3
1. Speedskater (over step)
2. Two Foot Hop onto Step - step off other side + 10 Bench Dips (1-minute)

1-minute Core Interval (10 Hip Raises/10 Basic Crunch with Arms Straight Overhead)

Set #4
1. Plyometric Side Lunges
2. Push Ups (hands on step)
3. Plank (hands on step) with Alternating Knee to Elbow
4. Jump Squats

~ 12 minutes of Work (but intense) - take a bit of rest after each set before going into the core interval

Enjoy! I did this workout yesterday and I am feeling it today (in my legs). This workout should warm you right up.
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spring Is Trying To Come!

Well, my truck temperature read 11 degrees while driving home today.  I also needed sunglasses because we did manage to get some sunshine, plus I thought it was appropriate to open the old sunroof.  Oh...the little things that become so big after a long winter.  I hope everyone was able to enjoy a few moments of hope today that spring is indeed coming.  Here is a little workout to help keep your spirits up!

We are going to stay with the same interval times as the last workout (50sec Work/10sec Rest).  I would recommend a light warm-up before getting started.

Set #1
1. Stationary Lunge (Right Leg Forward) with a Shoulder Press (24 - 8lbs DB)
2. Pull Up (assisted; incline) (19)
3. Tri Dips (bench; assisted) (38)
4. MB Crunch (MB=medicine ball(15)
5. Skipping (124)

Set #2
1. Stationary Lunge (Left Leg Forward) with a Shoulder Press (25)
2. Push Up (25)
3. DB Biceps Curl (DB=dumbell) (24 - 12lbs)
4. Knee Raises (Roman Chair) or Hip Raises (on a mat) (28)
5. Skipping (90 - bad round!)

Set #3
1. Skipping (118)
2. MB Plank to Overhead (hands on ball - jump feet out into plank - jump feet in towards ball - pick up MB - stand straight up and press MB overhead) - you can also use dumbells (11)
3. Skipping (120)
4. MB Torso Twist with Bicycle Legs (42 - total number)
5. Skipping (117)

Take a couple minutes rest between each set, but ideally if you keep the order and timing, this workout should be ~30 minutes.  Keep track of the number of reps you get. My numbers are in the brackets.  If you push yourself hard, one of each set is pretty tough as well :)
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

Saturday, 19 March 2011

TGIF Surprise!

So, my TGIF Surprise class yesterday was small in attendance, even with a special guest appearance.  There were a couple of reasons floating around the room, as it was the day after St. Patty's, pay day, and that the weather turned nice as when I left work it was 9 degree (above zero!).
Our workout on paper looks rather simple and maybe even easy.  Here it is, so try it and you be the judge!

Warm-Up (~5min spin or skip)

Set 1 - (50sec Work/10sec Rest of each)
1. Push Ups (28-54)
2. Jump Squats (22-44)
3. Tricep Dips (15-33)
4. Two Foot Bench Hop (16-38)
5. Laces Crunch (18-39)
We used a step that was 3 risers high for the dips and hops. Plus, we recorded the number of reps per 50sec Work Interval) - the number in brackets is the range of reps that were completed by participants) Even though we were looking at speed, please watch your technique as correct form is the priority to avoid injury!

5min Interval on Spin Bike (easy/recovery)

Set 2 - (50sec Work/10sec Rest of each)
1. Plyometric Lunges (35-68)
2. 2 Kicks & Push Up (6-12)
3. Prisoner Low Jacks (21-39)
4. Front Plank with Punches (38-55)
5. Skipping (48-148)

5min Interval on Spin Bike (easy/recovery)

This was repeated twice.  If you are doing this at home and don't have a bike, you could omit the spin bike interval.  And add a 2min Rest Interval. And still get a great total body workout in less than 30 minutes. 
If you need a description or photo of an exercise, please email me at or leave a comment below.  Thanks.
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Getting Started!

Ok..This has been a long time coming.  So, now that my website is up and running, I thought my first post would be appropriate since there is a link to my blog at

My hopes are to incorporate fitness + clothing into my blog.  Whether I highlight a clothing item, strength exercise, recipes, or even a piece of fitness equipment. I am also really good at talking about food, since it always manages to come up in any personal training session or fitness class that I teach these days! 

I would love my blog to be a place where people can come for workout ideas, advice on fitness, health, food or any other related topics.

I am open to suggestions, as anything goes since it is my blog.

Thanks for reading and I hope you keep reading,
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow