Saturday, 30 April 2011

Here's Another Workout!

It's the weekend! I had a great workout with my TGIF Surprise class yesterday! Man, am I sore.  But the soreness could be a combined soreness from my first swim of the season on Wednesday, moving fitness equipment and cleaning at my brother's house on Thursday, and TGIF Surprise workout on Friday.  Sometimes I don't think class participants realize much they are motivating me in a class - thanks for keeping me going :)

Here is another great workout that can be done with little to no equipment.  All you need is a skipping rope.

200 Skips (50 Right Foot; 50 Left Foot; 50 Right Foot; 50 Left Foot)

5 Rounds of:5 Jump Squats
Plank from Hands with 10 Foot Claps (similar to a clap push up, but intead of clapping hands - you clap your feet together)

200 Skips (as you like)

5 Rounds of:
(High Knees (10) - Chest to Floor) x3
20 Duck Squat with Knee Drives

200 Skips (as you like)

Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


The sun is shining, isn't it great? I hope everyone had a great Easter, and didn't eat too much of all of the good stuff.
I haven't forgot about my blog.  I actually have a couple of workouts to put up.  And I will do that in the next week or so.  You will be able to complete the workouts with little to no equipment so you will be able to take them outside as it gets nicer out.
I am hoping to be able to get outside to take some pictures for my exercise photo album, so that you can refer to, to help understand some of the names and descriptions of exercises.
Also, I am interested to know what kind of portable fitness equipment, you would be interested in? I am looking at carrying a few key pieces like stability balls, travel rollers (small version of the foam rolller), The Stick (, and resistance tubing.  If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.
Talk soon. Get outside and enjoy it!
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Just a little bit of a setback!

Hello Folks,

I know I mentioned the word "spring" in my last post and now look at it outside.  But I am thinking positive and hoping the new snow will be gone by Monday!  I am eager to get spring on its way since there is so much to do - swimming in the lake; ultimate frisbee; and just plain getting out and enjoying the weather.  Plus, I am eager to get some nice exercise photos on my blog for you.

But here is a little ditty to get you through the rough weather patch.  All you need is a bench/step that is sturdy; a height that you can safely jump on to; and a width that you can straddle comfortably.

We are going to do 30sec Intervals unless otherwise stated.  Remember to warm-up before starting this workout - skipping, a handful of jumping jacks, something to get the muscles and joints ready and warm!

Set #1
1. Straddle Jump (straddle step - two foot jump onto step)
2. Plank to Straddle (on one end of the step - straddle one hand at a time off the step)
3. Jumping Jack
4. Plank Jump (on one end of step - jump feet in and out of plank)

1-min Core Interval - Laces Crunch

Set #2
1. Step Up + Knee Drive (R)
2. High Knees (10), Chest to Floor
3. Step Up + Knee Drive (L)
4. Mountain Climber with Hands on Step

1-min Core Interval - Bicycle Crunch

Set #3
1. Speedskater (over step)
2. Two Foot Hop onto Step - step off other side + 10 Bench Dips (1-minute)

1-minute Core Interval (10 Hip Raises/10 Basic Crunch with Arms Straight Overhead)

Set #4
1. Plyometric Side Lunges
2. Push Ups (hands on step)
3. Plank (hands on step) with Alternating Knee to Elbow
4. Jump Squats

~ 12 minutes of Work (but intense) - take a bit of rest after each set before going into the core interval

Enjoy! I did this workout yesterday and I am feeling it today (in my legs). This workout should warm you right up.
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spring Is Trying To Come!

Well, my truck temperature read 11 degrees while driving home today.  I also needed sunglasses because we did manage to get some sunshine, plus I thought it was appropriate to open the old sunroof.  Oh...the little things that become so big after a long winter.  I hope everyone was able to enjoy a few moments of hope today that spring is indeed coming.  Here is a little workout to help keep your spirits up!

We are going to stay with the same interval times as the last workout (50sec Work/10sec Rest).  I would recommend a light warm-up before getting started.

Set #1
1. Stationary Lunge (Right Leg Forward) with a Shoulder Press (24 - 8lbs DB)
2. Pull Up (assisted; incline) (19)
3. Tri Dips (bench; assisted) (38)
4. MB Crunch (MB=medicine ball(15)
5. Skipping (124)

Set #2
1. Stationary Lunge (Left Leg Forward) with a Shoulder Press (25)
2. Push Up (25)
3. DB Biceps Curl (DB=dumbell) (24 - 12lbs)
4. Knee Raises (Roman Chair) or Hip Raises (on a mat) (28)
5. Skipping (90 - bad round!)

Set #3
1. Skipping (118)
2. MB Plank to Overhead (hands on ball - jump feet out into plank - jump feet in towards ball - pick up MB - stand straight up and press MB overhead) - you can also use dumbells (11)
3. Skipping (120)
4. MB Torso Twist with Bicycle Legs (42 - total number)
5. Skipping (117)

Take a couple minutes rest between each set, but ideally if you keep the order and timing, this workout should be ~30 minutes.  Keep track of the number of reps you get. My numbers are in the brackets.  If you push yourself hard, one of each set is pretty tough as well :)
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow