Sunday, 10 July 2011

New Piece of Equipment!

Hey Funky Fitters!

This weekend was rainy, so I went shopping :)  Shopping for a new piece of equipment that is versatile and very functional.

Alpha Strong (Sand Bag) ~ Train. Hard.

Sand Bag Training is great.  The bag weight can be changed quickly.  There are numerous handles. 
Very Functional.  It definitely fits into the Funky Fit motto of....funky yet functional.

I also took some time to take photos of some exercises that I have used in past workouts as well.  Look forward to those being added to my blog and website in the near future.  I can't wait to include my first sand bag work.

I am also heading to Kelowna this week for a little vacation (visit my dad!), plus I have race on Saturday called the Across The Lake Swim (, which involves a 2.1km swim that goes from West Kelowna to City Park.  This is my first open water swim event and I am really excited.  I hope to have some pictures up afterwards.

Thanks for reading.
Breanne :)
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