Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cheer Up - It's Christmas (Nearly!)

Here's a workout to de-stress you after a Saturday full of shopping, or eating, or shopping and eating :)

Warm Up
50 skips; 10 Push Ups; 10 Squats; 10 Full Sit Ups (x5)

Set #1 (50sec Work/10sec Rest)
Single Leg Squat (Right) - crossover foot above opposite knee
High Plank with Alternating Knee to Elbow
Single Leg Squat (Left)
Hug Release (start in V-Sit (hug) - extend legs and lean back (release)

50 skips

Set #2 (50sec Work/10sec Rest)
Plyometric Lunges - jump straight up and switch the legs

Push Ups

Laces Crunch

Front Plank (hold)

100 skips

Set #3 (50sec Work/10sec Rest)
Alligator Push Up (start in high plank - lower one elbow than the other into a plank position, and back up)
Wall Sit
Single Leg Deadlift (Right) - balance on one foot - reach for the ground with both hands (hinge from hips), and come back up into a slight back bend - keep abdominals engaged
Single Leg Deadlift (Left)

200 skips

Set #4 (50sec Work/10sec Rest)
Full Sit Ups

Bridge with Marching Toe Taps
Bicycle Crunch