Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Femsport 2013 - Edmonton Edition

Just sharing some photos from the Femsport event I participated in July 2013.  Oh what fun I had!

First Event of the Day - Obstacle Course

Quick Feet.

Up The Wall. (My favorite photo of the event)

Water Jug Carry.

My teammate, Ellen going through the culvert.

Dodge Journey push to the FINISH.

EVENT #2 - Kettlebell Lift

Picking Up a Heavy KB.

My teammate, Jen muscle-ing up the last KB.

EVENT #3 - Infamous BOX JUMPS

All 3 of us box jumping at the same time.

Jen posing when she is done. She makes this event look easy.

Ellen finishing off nicely.  Best time for her!

Other ladies we trained with along the way.

EVENT #4 - TIRE FLIP (the fun-est event)

Trying to control my "big" tire.

Looks like I am struggling but I actually totally have things under control.
My best event of the day by far.


Pull, Pull, Pull.

Jen doing her magic.

Ellen pulling ahead of me (this lady killed this event).

I had a great time at this event.  Can't wait for next year!
Very Well Organized. Great People. Even Better Competition.
These Ladies are MACHINES.

These are great photos of all of us competing...Check out some of those biceps!
We are on the right hand side third row back.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! BM