Thursday, 14 April 2011

Just a little bit of a setback!

Hello Folks,

I know I mentioned the word "spring" in my last post and now look at it outside.  But I am thinking positive and hoping the new snow will be gone by Monday!  I am eager to get spring on its way since there is so much to do - swimming in the lake; ultimate frisbee; and just plain getting out and enjoying the weather.  Plus, I am eager to get some nice exercise photos on my blog for you.

But here is a little ditty to get you through the rough weather patch.  All you need is a bench/step that is sturdy; a height that you can safely jump on to; and a width that you can straddle comfortably.

We are going to do 30sec Intervals unless otherwise stated.  Remember to warm-up before starting this workout - skipping, a handful of jumping jacks, something to get the muscles and joints ready and warm!

Set #1
1. Straddle Jump (straddle step - two foot jump onto step)
2. Plank to Straddle (on one end of the step - straddle one hand at a time off the step)
3. Jumping Jack
4. Plank Jump (on one end of step - jump feet in and out of plank)

1-min Core Interval - Laces Crunch

Set #2
1. Step Up + Knee Drive (R)
2. High Knees (10), Chest to Floor
3. Step Up + Knee Drive (L)
4. Mountain Climber with Hands on Step

1-min Core Interval - Bicycle Crunch

Set #3
1. Speedskater (over step)
2. Two Foot Hop onto Step - step off other side + 10 Bench Dips (1-minute)

1-minute Core Interval (10 Hip Raises/10 Basic Crunch with Arms Straight Overhead)

Set #4
1. Plyometric Side Lunges
2. Push Ups (hands on step)
3. Plank (hands on step) with Alternating Knee to Elbow
4. Jump Squats

~ 12 minutes of Work (but intense) - take a bit of rest after each set before going into the core interval

Enjoy! I did this workout yesterday and I am feeling it today (in my legs). This workout should warm you right up.
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

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