Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spring Is Trying To Come!

Well, my truck temperature read 11 degrees while driving home today.  I also needed sunglasses because we did manage to get some sunshine, plus I thought it was appropriate to open the old sunroof.  Oh...the little things that become so big after a long winter.  I hope everyone was able to enjoy a few moments of hope today that spring is indeed coming.  Here is a little workout to help keep your spirits up!

We are going to stay with the same interval times as the last workout (50sec Work/10sec Rest).  I would recommend a light warm-up before getting started.

Set #1
1. Stationary Lunge (Right Leg Forward) with a Shoulder Press (24 - 8lbs DB)
2. Pull Up (assisted; incline) (19)
3. Tri Dips (bench; assisted) (38)
4. MB Crunch (MB=medicine ball(15)
5. Skipping (124)

Set #2
1. Stationary Lunge (Left Leg Forward) with a Shoulder Press (25)
2. Push Up (25)
3. DB Biceps Curl (DB=dumbell) (24 - 12lbs)
4. Knee Raises (Roman Chair) or Hip Raises (on a mat) (28)
5. Skipping (90 - bad round!)

Set #3
1. Skipping (118)
2. MB Plank to Overhead (hands on ball - jump feet out into plank - jump feet in towards ball - pick up MB - stand straight up and press MB overhead) - you can also use dumbells (11)
3. Skipping (120)
4. MB Torso Twist with Bicycle Legs (42 - total number)
5. Skipping (117)

Take a couple minutes rest between each set, but ideally if you keep the order and timing, this workout should be ~30 minutes.  Keep track of the number of reps you get. My numbers are in the brackets.  If you push yourself hard, one of each set is pretty tough as well :)
Breanne :)
cherish yesterday~live today~dream tomorrow

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