Sunday, 13 January 2019

Run, Run & Burpees

Well, that was my first 5 day work week of 2019.  By Wednesday, I wished it was Friday, and by Friday, I thought, heck that was a fast week!

It was a good week for me to get my workouts in though.  Here is a bit of a summary:

Monday - Strength Day; threw some dumbbells around!
Tuesday - 30min Run on the Treadmill (regular treadmill); between 5.8mph & 6.5mph
This actually felt pretty good.  About 5km.
Friday - 30min Interval Run on the Treadmill (Woodway Curve - Manual (no power)
4min Run; 1min Walk (x5)

This kicked my ass (it was difficult, plus tiring on my gluteal muscles).  You seriously can't get sloppy with your running technique on the Woodway because you will either slow down dramatically or fall off.  I was trying to keep my pace at around 6mph and it seriously waffled between 4.8mph & 7mph.
Saturday - My lazy day
Sunday - Cooper and I ventured to Terwillegar Dog Park - it was perfect winter conditions; sunny & blue sky.  We stayed mostly in the single track trails for about 4km. 

Cooper staring at me while I watched the Raptors on TV. 
Are we going to the park or what, Bre?

 Cooper taking in the sights & smells at the dog park.

A pretty great day to be outside in January.

I completed the first month of our 100 BURPEE CHALLENGE.  The challenge consists of completing 100 Burpees on the second weekend of each month.  Ideally, all of them done on Saturday (or Sunday), but they can be done all at once or spread out throughout the day (or, weekend, if need be).  I completed 10 varieties of burpees (10 reps of each).  I will try to compile a video to post later this week. 

My variations consisted of:
1. Basic - Slow & Controlled (no push up)
2. Alternating Single Leg Plank
3. Alternating Single Arm Plank
4. Jumping Jack
5. Push Up
6. Hurdler's Stretch & Reach (L + R)
7. Jump Squat
8. Chest Opener with Partial Backbend
9. Toe Taps (or, Hops)
10. Renegade Row

Like I said before, I will try to get a video together so these variations make more sense.

Happy Sunday! And have a great week,
Breanne :)

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